for a more clear vision
Brillenklaar is an unique product, and is suitable for glass and plastic. Eyeglass lenses stay clean longer (with an average of 8 to 12 days) and will no longer condense. Rainwater will also run off of your eyeglasses immediately.
In addition, the inside of car windows (which are always greasy from the air conditioner) remain clean for six weeks and won’t condense (in humid weather).
You can also use it on your bathroom mirror, tablet, phone, glass tables, helmet visors (indoors for condensing, outdoors against the rain) and televisions remain dust free.

You can also wash your windows with Brillenklaar (1 cap in a bucket with 10 liters of water). Your windows will remain clean for a longer period of time (at least three to four months). Rain will pour down your windows and it will make them shine beautifully.

In short, you can use it for all your glass and plastic products
Use about 2 cm of Brillenklaar on the passenger side and 2 cm on the drivers side, then polish with a dry cloth.
Apply a small amount of Brillenklaar on both sides of the (glass or plastic) eyeglasses, then polish with a dry cloth


Brillenklaar is 100% safe for your eyeglass lenses, is completely biodegradable and silicone free.
It will not decay or dry out and continues to maintain the effectiveness of the product.
Beware: Brillenklaar should be used minimally (ie very little). The less you use, the longer the object remains clean.
Price € 29.95,- including shipping costs (also for shipment abroad).